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Ideas for Peace
Peace IdeaTrust Idea Bank looks interesting. When you click on "add ideas", there's a "prompt" (partly what Edward de Bono would call a provocation), so it may trigger your ideas by providing a different entry point.
All the solutions
Here is a link to a word document with "all the solutions" we have come up with so far. Let me know if you had solutions somewhere and I missed them.
I Accept!
Great work, great title!
Well, the uptake of the group blog membership is proceeding very rapidly, which is a good sign. Because this blog is public, let's all remember that and make our posts relevant to the wider public as much as possible. Soon I will (when I have the time) set up a private blog with the same members so we can have brainstorming and thinking processes privately and only publish the problems, the solutions, the general announcements and the supplementary information to the world at large. And, world at large, consider this an invitation to join. You may want to join the mailing list, lurk on the blog awhile, and use the comments to dialogue with MBPs (members of the Bloggers Parliament) before deciding to join the blog. If you want to join the BP and this blog send e-mail to the administrator (me). As administrator, I am responsible for the "look" of the blog so if anyone has any comments or suggestions about that, also address them to me.
i'm in too
Aboard too.
Great - signed up
Hi - just succeeded in signing up. Got a fright when the system told me that my invitation had expired but found out that I was already logged in. So here we are - house of commons it is!

Good luck to the new BP
Just stopped in to wish you well. I'll be watching!
Ok, just a quick post to show that I've accepted the invitations. Thanks!
Bloggers Parliament v0.2 is launched
Announcing the new home of Bloggers Parliament. Watch this space.

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